Blue of a Kind releases inaugural CD - "To The Sky"

Album Cover
Photo courtesy NASA
Blue of a Kind has gone into the studio to make our first CD. Over 4 years in existence, we have laid some serious pipe. We are singing some incredible music. You will hear this on the "To the Sky" CD.

There are so many hours of work put in by the guys to make this CD complete; so many dreams dreamt over many years. Visions developed, ideas realized and crystallized in long hours of drill and practice, rehearsal and performance, review and reevaluation and finally, standup time in the studio. "To the Sky" will echo the expressions of men on decks of sailing ships, men who worked railroad track, men who loved women and succeeded or loved them and lost, men who longed for freedom or for salvation, men who yearned to be with their God or with their girlfriend Under the Boardwalk. It will tell a lot of stories. But one story it will tell is that of us becoming Blue. This is the Blue foundation - the beginning of our story, years in the making.

Pirates Chorus Listen
This World Is Not My HomeS. FrancisListen
Mobile BayR. GriffinListen
It's Gonna Rain, AgainT. Yourgrau, K. Geller, M. MargolisListen
Away To Rio Listen
You Don't Know MeS. Okuri, R. EggersListen
John the RevelatorE. Travis, T. Yourgrau, M. MargolisListen
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika Listen
Rolling Down To Old MauiW. Leslie, K. Geller, R. EggersListen
Loch LomondR. CookListen
MacNamara's BandD. Franklin, R. CookListen
Linin' TrackW. Leslie, R. SeriskyListen
South AustraliaR. EggersListen
Kentucky Babe Listen
Roll Jordan RollT. Yourgrau, P. Kukura, S. FrancisListen
Sentimental Journey Listen
Trouble Soon Be OverR. SeriskyListen
Under The BoardwalkS. FrancisListen
To The SkyE. TravisListen


This CD is now available for a donation of $12.97.

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