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Service Schedule (2)

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Below is a listing of our service schedule for the 2015/2016 year:

Date Day Time Service
2015-09-13 Sunday 7:30pm Erev Rosh Hashana
2015-09-14 Monday 10:00am Rosh Hashana - Day 1
2015-09-15 Tuesday 10:00am Rosh Hashana - Day 2
2015-09-22 Tuesday 7:30pm Kol Nidre / Erev Yom Kippur
2015-09-23 Wednesday 10:00am Yom Kippur Morning Service
2015-09-23 Wednesday ~1:00pm Yiskor Service
2015-09-23 Wednesday ~4:00pm Yom Kippur Afternoon and Concluding Service
2015-09-27 Sunday 7:00pm Erev Sukkot Service
2015-10-04 Sunday 6:00pm Erev Simchat Torah/Consecration Service
2015-10-16 Friday 7:30pm Erev Shabbat Service
2015-10-30 Friday 7:30pm Erev Shabbat Service
2015-11-14 Saturday  10:00am  Shabbat Morning Service 
2015-11-20 Friday 6:30pm Erev Shabbat Service (starring Pre-K, K, 1, 2)
2015-12-11 Friday 7:00pm Chanukah/Erev Shabbat Service
2016-01-09 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Morning Service
2016-01-16 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Service / E.M. Bat Mitzvah
2016-01-22 Friday 7:00pm Tu B'Shevat Seder
2016-02-06 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Service (starring Grades 5,6,7)
2016-02-27 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Service / A.M. Bat Mitzvah
2016-03-04 Friday 7:00pm Erev Shabbat Service (starring Grades 3,4)
2016-03-23 Wednesday 7:00pm Erev Purim Service
2016-04-02 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Morning Service
2016-04-15 Friday 7:30pm Erev Shabbat Service
2016-05-04 Wednesday 7:30pm Erev Yom HaShoah Service
2016-05-07 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Service / E.C. Bar Mitzvah
2016-05-13 Friday 7:30pm Erev Shabbat / Israel Independence Service
2016-05-21 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Morning Service
2016-06-04 Saturday 10:00am Shabbat Morning Service
2016-06-11 Saturday 7:30pm Erev Shavuot / Ice Cream Sundae Bar



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