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High Holidays

On the High Holidays there is a full schedule of services on the first and second day of Rosh Hashana and on Yom Kippur. There is a Cantorial Soloist present on the High Holidays and other special holidays. No tickets are required for High Holiday services. Temple members are entitled to seats at no charge, non-members are asked to make at least a $50 donation. Donation cards are placed in the prayer books and in the foyer.

On the afternoon of the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Temple includes the tradition of Tashlikh ("casting off"). At the conclusing of the morning service, the Temple members walk the few blocks to Ell Pond where a few prayers are recited along the shore. Afterwards, the members symbolically "cast off" their sins by throwing small pieces of bread or pebbles into the water.


Parking is usually tight for the High Holiday services.  If you plan to drive to services, it is recommended that you arrive in plenty of time to scout out legal spaces in the municipal lots on either side of Main Street, as well as along Main Street and West Foster Street.   While the time limit for these spaces is only 2 hours, we do make special arrangements with the City to overlook the time constraint on these days.  Please note that parking is NOT permitted on East Foster Street.  As for Leonard Road, parking is permitted ONLY on the right curb, but not in front of driveways, and not so driveways are blocked. Also, our Leonard Road neighbors would appreciate if you not park on the grass near our kitchen-side entrance.


Children at High Holiday Services

Children are welcome at Temple services. If they are too young or choose not to participate appropriately during the service, there are classrooms available for you and them. We ask that you ensure that any articles used by your children are put back in their proper place, and that any mess made by your children is cleaned up before leaving the Temple. You should allow some extra time at the conclusion of the service to fulfill this important responsibility.

Parents of young children should seat themselves closest to the Shalom School Annex near the back of the Sanctuary, in order to facilitate in responding to your child’s needs. Parents should not allow their children to frequently enter and exit the classrooms and Sanctuary, as it is a distraction to other congregants. All other congregants should leave the seats closest to Shalom School Annex available for parents of young children. No one should enter or leave the Sanctuary when the Congregation is standing and everyone should follow the direction of ushers who are available to assist in seating latecomers in an orderly fashion.

Thank you for your cooperation. The TBS Governing Council wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year and an easy Fast.

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